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The Right Kind of Ponytail

I know we love our top knots, buns and ponytails because they are convenient and can be super cute but just be careful not to abuse your pony. Ponytails are a popular topic in my chair. For a lot of us, ponytails are our go to option for bad hair days or if we just don't have the time for hairstyling. But the key is to not let the quick and easy convenience of your ponytail spoil you. Ponytails can be harmful if they are not worn properly. Yup.... there are right and wrong ways to wear a ponytail. These bad habits can all be extremely damaging over time to your hair and scalp.

For example:

Don't wear your pony is too tightDon't always wear your pony on the same spot of your headBe careful not to constantly brush your ponytail in the same directionDon't wear your ponytail too longMake sure it's not dry and brittleDon't go to sleep with your ponytail holder still in your head

Keep it oiled and moisturized. Keep it loose. Keep it fresh. But don't keep it too long.

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