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Aja (AjaBLU) Woodby is a Senior Cosmetologist and owner of “AjaBLU Salon & Studio”. With over 26 years of experience in the field of Cosmetology, Aja has created a loyal following of clients who trust her to give them their Best Look Uncovered, while maintaining the health and integrity of their hair.


Aja’s work has been published in several hairstyling and cosmetic magazines such as, Mazza, Black Hair Sophisticates and Immac Inc. magazine, to name a few.


Aja is a Senior Cosmetology Instructor for Prince George’s County Public Schools. While teaching 11th and 12th graders the fundamentals essential to building a rewarding cosmetology career at Bladensburg High School, she has prepared several aspiring students to become licensed professional individuals in the field of Cosmetology.


Aja Woodby is the CEO and designer of “Protect Your Crown”. Protect Your Crown is a company offering exclusive pieces and fashion forward designs in head wear as well as hand-crafted luxury hair care products for all hair types.


Aja Woodby is the author of “Dads Can Doo It Too”, A step by step guide to help give dads the confidence and guidance in the proper use of tools to style their daughter’s hair. Aja also serves as educator and co-host for the "Dads Can Doo It Too" events.

Aja has also written an EBook called "The Epic Guide For Healthy Hair in Quarantine" to help her clients maintain their hair during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Co-Founder of Dads Can Do It Too events and Author Aja Blu at DC Fox 5 Morning promoting her successful event at Aja Blu Salon. 

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