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When it comes to protecting your crown and learning how to build a healthy hair  care regimen, Aja “AjaBLU” Woodby is your go-to guru.  

Known as the “All Hair is Good Hair Stylist,” Aja is a licensed senior  cosmetologist, educator, author and owner of AjaBLU Salon & Studio. Aja uses  her platform to educate her clients, students, girl dads and followers on the science  of hair care, proper styling techniques and the best products for their individual  hair types. 

With over 26 years of experience in cosmetology and 13 years as a successful  salon owner, Aja has cultivated a loyal client base who trust her to give them their  “Best Look Uncovered” while maintaining the health and integrity of their hair. At  AjaBLU Salon & Studio, clients experience excellent service and styling in an  enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere where they can kick back and be pampered. 

But Aja’s passion for cosmetology goes beyond the chair: she empowers dads to  confidently style their daughters’ hair with hands-on instructional workshops that  have been featured on Fox5 News and at the 2019 National Urban League  conference.  

Her in-person work with dads and daughters prompted her to publish “Dads Can  Doo It Too,” a step-by-step guide for styling natural hair for dads and the  complementary “Dads Can Doo It Too Coloring Book” for daughters. 

During the pandemic, she also wrote an eBook entitled “The Epic Guide for  Healthy Hair in Quarantine” to help salon faithfuls keep their tresses healthy  during lockdown.

But writing is just one of her superpowers. Aja is also a gifted educator who uses  her in-depth cosmetology expertise to instruct and inspire high school students who  want to pursue a career in the industry. As a Cosmetology Instructor for the Career  and Technical Education program at Bladensburg High School in Prince George’s  County, Maryland, she has helped hundreds of young girls prepare for their State  Board of Cosmetology Exams. 

Aja believes beautiful, healthy hair should be accessible to all. It’s why she created  Protect Your Crown, an online boutique that offers premium hair extensions, high quality hair care products and handmade hair accessories for women on the go.


Aja’s work has been published in Mazza, Black Hair Sophisticates and Immac Inc.  magazine, extending her influential reach in the haircare industry well beyond her  salon.  

Co-Founder of Dads Can Do It Too events and Author Aja Blu at DC Fox 5 Morning promoting her successful event at Aja Blu Salon. 

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