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When mommy's schedule gets super busy hairstyling for parents can be a bit tricky. Now it's time to have some fun and it's daddy's turn to get the job done. So, I wanted to share some tips with you because I believe that "Dad's Can Doo It Too!"

By. AjaBLU

Can Doo It Too!

Dads Can DOO It Too is a community of all types of dads coming together to encourage each other and learn the art of styling their daughter's hair while gaining confidence, learning new skills and bonding with their little ones along the way. 

Family life can be hectic at times and full of unexpected events. And I'm willing to bet that no two households are the same. Whether there is a mom living in the home or not,  I believe that all parents should be dedicated to bonding with their child while helping them to learn the importance of personal grooming and to take pride in their appearance.

AjaBLU has written a book called "Dads Can Doo It Too!" a book that serves as a step by step guide dedicated to offering thorough instructions to help dads tackle the sometimes overwhelming task of styling their daughter's hair.


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